Got HPV??

...Don't worry, so does most of the U.S. It is estimated that AT LEAST 87% of sexually active adults in the U.S. are exposed to HPV at some point in their lives. Most women will clear an HPV infection without any problems. What you need to know about HPV is that it can change the cells of the cervix, and over years may lead to cervical cancer. This is why it is recommended that women get regular pap smears. Your doctor can identify subtle changes to cells of the cervix and if they get severe enough, can perform a curative, minimally invasive procedure. These procedures, commonly referred to as a 'LEEP' or 'CONE' are why cervical cancer rates have been dramatically reduced in the developed world. They can save your life!

So if you or a friend has had an abnormal pap smear, or if you haven't had a pap smear in awhile, contact your physician and get regular follow up!! Also, don't smoke...this can decrease your body's ability to fight HPV and the damage it can do!