Ovaries and Eggs: To Freeze or Not to Freeze?

Let's face it--more and more men and women are delaying child-bearing.  One of my closest friends spent the last 12 years focused on her education and career and is now asking, "Where is Mr. Right?"  Like most professional young Americans (women AND men), that sense of accomplishment and stability trumps a desire to start a family.  Then we turn 30, 35, or even 40...and we start to worry.  Unfortunately, age does matter for fertility.  Additionally, treatments for cancer and auto-immune diseases can potentially render a patient infertile

The good news is that the science of egg freezing or fertility preservation is now a reality!!  After many years of research and trials, the process has been perfected so that it now provides a very good option for preserving fertility. 

The next obvious question remains...how long do I wait before I should freeze my eggs?  The answer isn't as straightforward and varies from patient to patient.  One important thing to remember is that our ability to stimulate the ovaries for egg-retrieval does have limits.  Fertility depends on overall health, family history and prior surgeries--just to name a few!

Talk to your doctor today if you are worried about preserving your fertility!  If you find more questions than answers about this new technology, I encourage you to keep looking, reading and asking the right people until you are educated.  This approach to fertility should be as individualized as you are!